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Did Plus

S.S. Pontebbana, 103

33031 Basiliano (ITALY)

Tel. +39.0432.839910


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General rules for Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.)

  • Warranty on DID Plus product sold new start from product delivery date.
  • Product/device must include specific form downloadable from website reporting defects indications.
  • Any material returned without RMA number or preemptively authorized will be refused and returned to sender.
    Returning expenses will be charged to sender.
  • For warranty it is understood to bring the device, assessed faulty for manufacturing or material, at its functionality by means of repair action either of parts or device itself. All damages caused at the device for misuse or not conform packaging (i.e. scratches and paint removal) are automatically excluded.
  • Either product or replaced confirmed defective parts and replaced in warranty will become DID Plus property.
  • Customers will be charged of test costs In case of perfectly working parts/devices, as stated in the technical report communicated.
  • Products returned from goods under approval that will result incomplete of either devices or functioning parts, it will replaced invoicing parts costs.
  • DID Plus technical assistance it is not responsible of breakings caused by wrong packaging or transportation.

Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.)

1) Fill in the downloadable form and ship it either at this e-mail account: rma@didplus.it or by fax at +39 0432 839910

Highlighting in the most detailed possible way the requested information. Defect description must be detailed and not generic: a detailed description of the defect will significantly reduce the substitution/repair action. If possible include always the product serial number.

2) Wait from DID Plus the the Return Merchandise Authorization (R.M.A.) with the RMA number and related authorization. DID Plus after sales assistance department will communicate the R.M.A. number only via e-mail or fax.

3) Given the R.M.A. number material will have to be returned in the original package or within a similar one that will protect the content during the shipping. Material will have to be preferably delivered with courier. The assigned R.M.A. number must be reported on DDT (in case of CEE countries)/ proforma invoice (for extra CEE countries). Copy of the R.M.A. form must be included within the shipped package. Material will have to be delivered Delivered Duty Paid to: DID Plus S.r.l. a socio unico - S.S. Pontebbana, 103 - 33031 Basiliano (ITALY)

DID Plus, a brand of Calzavara S.p.A.

P.IVA/C.F. IT00452490303

via Corecian, 60 - 33031 - Basiliano (Italy)

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